International Conference
on Interpretation

Concurrent Sessions

Below is a preliminary list of sessions to be presented at the conference. Check back here for dates and times.

Sensitive Heritage, Sensitive Interpretation
Michael H. Glen
Using Historical Voices to Guide Restoration
Amanda Thompson
Attitudes toward Interpretive Program Development
Kye Joong Cho
Critical Thinking in a Concrete World
David S. Harwood
Interpreting China's Dujiangyan Irrigation
Xue Dong
Interpreting LGBTQ histories
Stuart Michael Frost
(Selectively) Remember the Alamo!
Vincent Jacot
French Origins of Professional Interpretation
Catherine Morgan-Proux, Ted Cable
Interpreting Ecology in a Cultural Context: Respecting the “Buffalo”
Lauren Markewicz
Defending the Opposition
Tina Salata
Cory Avila
Interpreting People's Values
Antonieta Jimenez
How to Interpret Challenging Issues
Valeria Klitsounova, PhD

This is Geotourism: A New Approach to Interpretive Signage
Sonja Prendivoj
Sex, Lies, Videotape, and Bears Ears
Larry Beck
Slavery & Sovereignty at the Bray School
Nicole Blundell Brown
These Truths to be Self Evident
Pam Amy Douglas
Driving the Diversity Discussion Forward
Toya Jervay, Amanda Roland, Marissa Llanes, Josh Dodson
Green Walls|Indigenous Graphism In Favelas
Dinah Tereza Papi De Guimaraens
Across the Seas: America Over Here…
Suzie Harrison, Anne-Sophie Navet, Flora Gueguen
Interpretive Writing for What is Real
Alan Leftridge
Training interpreters for botanic gardens
Costantino Bonomi, Serena Dorigotti
Assessing an Interpreter Training Course in Japan
Naoka Yamada
Outlook of Heritage Interpretation in Ukraine
Nataliia V. Gudkova
Meaningful Meaning Making
Jeff Aarnio, Tonia Herndon
The Amoral Skillset
S. Marisol Asselta
Outdoors for Users with Mobility Impairments
Topher Downham
Tourism as an Opportunity, Not a Curse
Jane Beattie, Amy Lethbridge, Lima Rosalind, Bill Taylor, Sue Hodges
Empathy and Identity in Interpretation
Natosha Wengreen
Telling an Untold Story
William Chimborazo
The Impact of the Experience Economy
Chuck Lennox
Russia -- The Pacific Northwest-California Colle
Robin Joy Wellman
Culturally Sensitive Interpretation
Andrew Bleckinger
Dark Matters Matter
Suzie Harrison
Reflecting on Practices for Transformation
Marissa Llanes
Giving Online Interpretation In-Person Power
Monica Van Der Vieren
Telling Our Own Story: Choctaw Code Talkers
Tiajuana Cochnauer
Challenging Organizational Culture
Janet Nagele
Explore the World with Inspiring Storytelling
Molly Postlewait, Judy Sweeney
Talking in 3D
Adda Gabirela Plumasseau

National Cemeteries after WWI
Virginia Price
World Café
Amy Lethbridge

NAI International Conference

Reims, France
April 16-20, 2018

The conference starts with a reception Monday, April 16. Educational off-sites take place Wednesday, April 18. (Some may have an additional cost.)


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How do you pronounce "Reims"?

We don't blame you if you thought it was "Reems," but no, the word is closer to "Rance," as in, rhymes with "France." Roll the first R a little (on the back of your tongue) and let the word disappear somewhere in your throat and you've got it.