Certification & Training Program

Certification Program

Certification is a way to document that you possess skills and knowledge that allow you to perform effectively in the interpretive profession.

Anyone who meets the minimum qualifications can apply for certification, regardless of their current or previous employment status. Students, docents, and volunteers are eligible as long as the qualifications are met.

Membership in NAI is not required for certification application, but NAI members pay a discounted application fee. Partial scholarships for CIT and CIP workshops are available for NAI members on a first-come, first-served basis. Some regions and sections also provide scholarships for participation in any certification workshop (including CIG). Check with your region or section officers to determine if scholarships are available.

Interested in knowing more about our certification program?

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Other Training Opportunities

NAI offers online webinars and other training workshops. See the sidebar at left for upcoming opportunities.