NAI National Conference

The NAI Tribe gathers in Corpus Christi

Throughout The Texas Coastal Bend dynamic forces are at play creating an environment that  is unsurpassed. In the midst of commerce and industry, conservation efforts abound, preserving the area’s beauty and natural wonder. The history of the Coastal Bend has cultivated a rich heritage that is reflected in a diversity of cultures celebrated by the people of Corpus. Past and present are ever united, serving as the foundation on which beliefs and traditions grow.

Corpus Christi offers the best in Texas coastal experiences, the perfect place for NAI to gather, share, learn, and explore our past, present and future.

You are invited, so mark your calendars, make your plans. Be part of the conversation!


Early registration ends August 15; regular registration ends October 17.

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2016 NAI National Conference

Corpus Christi, Texas

November 8-12, 2016


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