CHI Study Group & Nonpersonal Interpretation Primer

February 11-12, 2014
Morrison Nature Center
Aurora, Colorado

Did you make a New Year’s goal of finally obtaining your Certified Heritage Interpreter certification?  Have you been working on your CHI for awhile and just can’t seem to get it finished? Would you like to know more about non-personal interpretation and how to do it? If so, then this offering is for you!  Join us for one or two days depending on your needs, for support, ideas, and dedicated time to work.

Day 1 will be a workshop presented by NAI staff Emily Jacobs and Paul Caputo on non-personal interpretation. Study the basics of graphic design, including type, color and composition. Learn what leaves strong interpretive messages and what you should avoid. Discover how to put those personal interpretive skills to work in non-personal formats and rediscover the fundamentals of the field. 

Day 2 is tailored toward those who have applied for their Certified Heritage Interpreter certification, but not yet completed it. This will be an opportunity to work with other CHI applicants on the various components of the submittal for CHI certification. All reference books will be on hand to complete the literature review; videotaping and copies of programs will be available (the rest of those in attendance will be your program audience); and time to work together on ideas for essay question answers as well as your non-personal interpretive submissions will be included.

You can register for either or both days. Please note for day 2, you must already have your CHI certification package purchased from NAI before coming.


Lodging: If anyone needs lodging, contact Karin for suggestions of nearby hotels.

Meals: Mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks will be provided each day. Bring your own lunch – there are no restaurants in the vicinity. Refrigerator and microwave available.

Technology: Bring your own laptop if you want to type as you go. We will have extension cords. There is no internet access at the nature center.  NAI will provide videotaping of program presentations and make the required four copies for a minimal $5.  

CHI Certification Package: This must be purchased in advance from the NAI Office. Bring it with you to work on the various components.

Registration and More Information

This unique opportunity is designed to provide some introductory information on non-personal interpretation and to offer dedicated time with colleagues to work on the Certified Heritage Interpretation certification. Throughout the two days, Certified Interpretive Trainers and NAI staff will be on hand for training, support and suggestions. 

Download the registration form here. 

Send the form via mail with a check or PO to Interpret This, 3967 S. Truckee St., Aurora, CO 80013 or fax with a PO to 303-355-0883 (no credit cards accepted).

Course Overview


Morrison Nature Center
Aurora, Colorado


February 11-12, 2014


Karin Hostetter, CIT


Mary Bonnell, CIT

Aurora Parks and Open Space


Day one: $85
Day two: $15 plus optional $5 for videotaping and copies of your program presentation


Download registration form.