Welcome to the world of professional development in interpretation!

As many of you know, it takes practice, study and sometimes years of experience to be a successful interpreter. To support you along this journey, NAI offers both certification and training programs to grow and help you develop the skills you need to do your job or avocation successfully.

What is NAI Certification?

Since 1998, NAI has been offering certifications for interpreters to demonstrate their skills in areas that range from an entry level to an accomplished professional. Our training level certifications include Certified Interpretive Guide (CIG) and Certified Interpretive Host (CIH). Both CIG and CIH require a workshop and a demonstration of various skills to certify. NAI also offers professional certifications to acknowledge the skills and comprehension of individuals in the fields of management (Certified Interpretive Manager), interpretive planning (Certified Interpretive Planner), interpretive training (Certified Interpretive Trainer) and mastery of the front line including personal and non-personal interpretation (Certified Heritage Interpreter). For more information on each of these programs, check out the “What Certifications Do We Offer?” webpage.

What other types of training does NAI offer?

To complement our certification program, NAI offers a wide variety of training opportunities and workshops including webinars, face to face courses, online certificates and even a book club! To discover more about this aspect of our organization and what it can do for you, go to the "What Training do We Offer?” webpage.

Who works in Certification and Training?

The Certification and Training (C&T) Department has three dedicated staff who work to support you in the field and office on your journey of professional development.

Emily Jacobs (center) is the Certification and Training Program Manager. She oversees the C&T program including policies and procedures, development of new curriculum/courses, and partnerships. She also is the primary trainer on the national office staff, conducting train the trainer workshops, courses on interpretive coaching and much more. Emily can be reached at ejacobs@interpnet.com.

Kat Jackson (left) is the Certification & Training Program Office Administrator for NAI. She trains and works with over 500 instructors to schedule, supply, support, and manage their CIG/CIH courses. She also administers the professional certification program and works to support Emily and the Master Trainers for their train the trainer and other courses. You can reach Kat at kjackson@interpnet.com with questions.

Jean Fleury (right) is Administrative Assistant for Certification & Training. She processes all the recertification application forms. She also packages all outgoing course materials and processes the returned materials. Once the CIG/CIH classes are paid in full, she scores, enters membership and certification information, and mails out the certification packets and pins or the retake tests. You can contact Jean at jfleury@interpnet.com.

Please don’t hesitate to contact one (or all) of us to answer your C&T questions and needs, we look forward to working with you and supporting you on your journey to better interpretation!