So, you’ve certified with NAI and now want to be able to retain it. NAI certifications do not last a lifetime but must be renewed every four years. To retain your certification, you must submit proof of continuing education and pay a recertification fee.  


Check out the FAQ below or view the Recertification Webinar or PowerPoint to learn what qualifies as continuing education and how to submit.  

To see what the Recertification Application looks like please download and view the Application PowerPoint as going through the actual form (below) submits the application. 

Recertification Application
The submitted recertification will not be processed unless the recertification fee is paid at the end of the application.

Your paper certification states both when you received certification and also when it will expire. You can also look up your certification dates in your account, under My Account and then My Certifications.  
You should receive a reminder email one year in advance of your expiration date. This is the earliest that you may recertify as long as you have all of your continuing education hours completed. A second reminder will arrive one month in advance of the expiration date.  A third email will arrive on the expiration day to let you know there is a 30-day grace period to get the documentation to us. All of your continuing education must occur during your 4-year certification period.  
For all certifications there is a 30-day grace period after the certification expires to get the documentation to us and pay the fee without incurring late charges.  For CIG and CIH certifications, you may recertify up to six months past your expiration date with late fees and for professional certifications (CIT, CIP, CIM, and CHI) you may recertify up to one year past your expiration date with late fees.  Please note that all of your continuing education hours must occur during your certification period even if you recertify late.

If you can answer these questions about your education/training, it will most likely qualify as continuing education hours:

  • Am I the student learning?
  • Is it an official training?
  • Does it apply to my job as an interpreter?
  • Will it improve my interpretation?

If you are still not sure if a training will qualify or don’t think it will be clear to the office, you can always add a cover sheet with more detail on why you think it should be considered.

You will need to acquire 40 hours over the 4 years of the certification. Generally, we count hour for hour, so one full day of training is worth 8 hours of continuing education. Exceptions include attending some NAI sponsored events and a 3 credit college course is worth 40 hours.  

Yes, NAI is only accepting 10 hours of safety courses (CPR, first aid, WFR, rifle safety, fire safety etc). We are also limiting observation of other interpretive programs to 10 hours.
Things that don’t count: regular job duties or contracted work, planning of events or programs, watching interpretive films, and things that have no relationship to your interpretive duties.

Your documentation must clearly specify the date, place, subject, sponsor, and total hours of the training. Documents that may include this information could be: certificates of completion, front cover of conference program guide or agenda, unofficial transcript, or registration confirmation.

You can fill out our continuing education form, which requires this information and have your supervisor verify it for you.  

The NAI online recertification application accepts documents that are in a .pdf, .doc, or .docx format and less than 0.98 MB, which is approximately 10 pages. You may upload more than one group of documents to your account.

You need to submit all of your hours at once; NAI does not have the ability to keep track of or the capacity to hold on to unused continuing education hours or accumulated hours. Documents will have to be resubmitted for each certification at the time of recertification.

You do not need to document NAI sponsored events. Simply check that you would like to use them when you go through the recertification application. You can also find your events in your NAI account, under My Account and then My Participation. Any activities that have happened within a year may not show up but we do have records of them, so you do not need to notify us. This also applies to reviewer credits.

When you apply, the oldest events will be used first for your continuing education hours. NAI only uses the hours that are within the four years of your certification. 

To recertify as a current member the fee is $35.00. The non-member rate is $85.00. You can also renew your membership. Please note it will take at least one business day for your membership to take effect.

Late fees after the 30-day grace period:  Depending on your certification, NAI provides the following to accommodate individuals who have exceeded the typical month grace period to recertify without having to completely retake the course/submit their materials for peer review:

  • If your CIG & CIH certification is 30 days to six months past the expiration date, the fee will be $150.00. If it is past six months after the expiration date, you will need to retake the CIG or CIH course in order to become certified again at this level.
  • If your CIT, CIM, CIP, CHI certification is 30 days to one year past the expiration date, you will have to pay $125.00 if you are a member/$200 if you are not a member. If it is past one year after the expiration date, you will have to reapply and resubmit your materials for peer review.

You can submit your paperwork through the Recertification Application. You will pay the recertification fees on the final page of the application.

In efforts to expedite recertification processing times, the following updates have been made to the recertification process:

  • We are no longer pre-approving continuing education (CE) hours before invoicing you for recertification.
  • Payment for recertification is now due at time of submission; if you need to pay by check, please mail check and all CE paperwork to the NAI office.
  • If continuing education hours are found to be insufficient, NAI will contact you and a full refund will be provided if resolution is not met.

If you have to recertify more than one person, please call our office at (970) 484-8283 ext. 810 to receive more information on how to do this.

If you have any additional questions you can reach our Certificate Programs Administrator at (970) 484-8283 ext. 810 or The certification fax number is (970) 658-8877, and the mailing address is:

NAI Recertification
230 Cherry St, Suite 200
Fort Collins CO 80521