What Certifications Do We Offer?

Below is a list of the certifications we offer. Click on each shield to learn more about the pre-requisites, application steps, and required components for each certification.
If you are not sure if certification is right for you, please see Why Certify? 
If you are not sure which certification is right for you go through our Certification Flow Chart.

Training Certifications

These are certifications for those that are newer to the field and looking to build their knowledge of interpretive principles.


If you would like a downloadable flyer with information on our CIG or CIH programs, please click the link below:
Certified Interpretive Guide Flyer
Certified Interpretive Host Flyer  

Professional Certifications

These certifications are for those who have been in the field for more than 5 years and have gained experience in the category in which they want to be certified.


Not finding a certification that fits your needs? In 2018, NAI announced a new set of standards  and are using these to develop a updated certification program which we intend to launch in 2022. Stay tuned!