Other NAI Training

In addition to conferences and certification workshops, NAI provides other professional development opportunities to expand your interpretive skills.


Each month, NAI conducts at least two webinars with one focused on front line skills and another on management and leadership skill development. Past topics have included Facilitated Dialogue 101, Grantsmanship, Typography for Interpreters and Interpreting for our Youngest Visitors. Members also have access to the webinar archive, which can be accessed by logging in.

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Process of Interpretive Planning Workshop

Interested in learning more about the interpretive planning process? Our revamped week-long Process of Interpretive Planning (PIP) course takes you through the entire process, providing instruction and practical experience on each major section. It targets experienced interpreters and trains them to take an active role in interpretive planning – perhaps to the point of becoming a Certified Interpretive Planner!

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Social Interpretation: Graphic Design and Social Media

Interpreters use media from Facebook pages and Twitter accounts to printed brochures and exhibits to tell their stories. Social Interpretation focuses on using basic principles of interpretation as a guide to creating effective nonpersonal media. By the end of this workshop, you should have a good understanding of how to make decisions about using social media and creating visual communications—and why an interpretive approach is an effective way to communicate with your audience through these media.

If you'd like to schedule Social Interpretation at your site, contact Paul Caputo at pcaputo@interpnet.com.

Coaching Interpreters Workshop

Have you ever wondered how to be a better coach for your staff? Are you looking for new coaching tools such as language and methods to review your interpreters? Do you struggle with the difference between coaching and supervision? If so, this new 3-day workshop is for you!  Building upon the requests from our membership for more management skills training, NAI offers this course to give you a chance to both learn and hone your coaching skills.

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NAI Book Club

NAI launched a book club in 2013 for our members and certified individuals.  Each month a book is chosen by a NAI member or staff that will benefit any of our certifications.  Topics have ranged from training resources, new books on interpretation and other fields that affect ours.  Participants obtain the book on their own and gather together via conference call to share their thoughts and insights. Additionally, by participating in the club/conference call, participants can get four hours of continuing education towards their recertification with NAI (if applicable).

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