Certification and Training Scholarships

Do you want to become certified or take a professional development workshop but are concerned about the costs? NAI offers the following scholarship opportunities for certification and training:

NAI Community Scholarships

NAI’s membership is divided into communities based on location (regions) or special interest (sections). Several regions and sections offer scholarships for individuals in their area to help cover the cost of a workshop (typically a CIG course). Members can visit the Scholarship Opportunities page under the Membership banner for information on available funds.

National Level Scholarships for Certification and Training

NAI also offers scholarships to offset costs for individuals who wish to certify at any level, attend a training workshop (such as Process of Interpretive Planning) and/or webinars. Applicants must be a member of NAI and a submitted application is required. Exceptions to this policy may be granted and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

For more information, please contact our Certification Program Administrator at profcertification@interpnet.com and/or download the form here.

NAI certification scholarships are awarded based on need and the availability of funds. The budget for certification scholarships resets on July 1 and funds are available until all are used.