Coaching Interpreters Workshop

Have you ever wondered how to be a better coach for your staff? Are you looking for new coaching tools such as language and methods to review your interpreters? Do you struggle with the difference between coaching and supervision? If so, this workshop is for you!  Building upon the requests from our membership for more management skills training, NAI offers this course to give you a chance to both learn and hone your coaching skills. 

Costs for this course can be found on our Certification and Training Fees page.

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Course outcomes, at the end of this course you can expect:

  • To understand the difference between coaching and supervising
  • To have created a document/form to use when coaching staff or volunteers at your site
  • To have learned at least three new coaching techniques
  • To have had the authentic experience of coaching a real interpretive program/individual 

What people are saying about this course:

"The Coaching Interpreters training was as challenging and thought-provoking as any other I've had through NAI. I grew a lot just within those few days of the course. This training forced me to think about communication in a completely different way, a way I hadn't even thought about before. I know this was only an introduction to what coaching can be, but it planted a seed in my mind that has slowly grown since then. Now, about a year and half later, I've launched my own professional coaching service, excited to start helping others clarify their goals and embrace their potential. I highly recommend this training to anyone seeking a new way to communicate with others: colleagues, friends, anyone!"  Nicholas Scarborough

"This was revelatory and others in my organization will benefit through shared vocabulary and from the strenuous work of learning coaching techniques. I appreciated NAI’s adaptation as we fit these techniques and knowledge into our work plans."

"This can truly change how a work group works together and help interpreters grow (and other staff)."

"Extremely useful for supervisors and the introduction of Positive, Provisional and Specific—it was great!"

"Thanks for the thought-provoking workshop and encouragement. I find this was such a challenge that I really appreciated it."

"I thought it was well organized and well delivered. I feel like I have grown as a supervisor, coach and professional. Well worth the time and expense. I would like to send my staff in the future."