Online Intermediate Methods in Interpretation Certificate

Have you received basic training in interpretation but want to dig deeper? Do you struggle with interpretive media or writing? Are you curious about what exactly ‘dialogic’ interpretation means? If so— this certificate* program is for you!

Developed in partnership with the Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands, the Intermediate Methods in Interpretation Certificate is entirely web-based and consists of five courses, each culminating with an applied assignment that relates to your organization. You can take this course on your own (asynchronously) or via a cohort of your peers which also includes working with a mentor. Additionally, each completed certificate is worth 40 hours of continuing education towards your recertification if you participate in the cohort option, or 24 hours of continuing education if completing the course asynchronously!
Certificate outcomes: after participating in the program, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of intermediate concepts in interpretation such as interpretive writing, design and social media.
  • Demonstrate understanding of emerging techniques in interpretation such as dialogic interpretation.
  • Apply concepts learned to create basic interpretive signage, writing and social media posts.
  • Demonstrate understanding of federal law and accessibility and apply it to an interpretive operation.

What people are saying on our evaluations about this program:

I think this program really puts together a lot of the elements we may practice in the field, but makes you think about them, plan around them, and develop products.  Even in areas I know well, I learned new content and techniques.

“I have been applying for higher level interpretive jobs, and taking this program is a great point to have on my resume and cover letters.”

“I like that we are included in a network of other interpreters, the webinars were great. Now if I have questions I know where to go.” 

“I also loved getting the feedback on my assignments. I don't get a lot of feedback at work so the helpful and constructive feedback was really appreciated and I think it will help me to be a better interpreter.”

“At this point in my career, this course gave me skills that I can use to continue to climb the career ladder and just improve my job performance in general. I no longer make all my signs with a white background!”

Interested in learning more? Go to Provalens Learning and/or contact the Professional Certification Administrator at

*Please note that this is not an NAI certification; it is a certificate that does not need to be renewed every four years. You will receive a certificate of completion and your hours earned can be used towards recertifying your CIG, CIH, CIT, etc.