Keynote Speakers


Mike Libecki 
Nat Geo Explorer / Nat Geo Adventurer of the Year

Wednesday, April 27
8:00–9:15 AM
Level Up Theatre

Documenting the most remote magic, power and beauty of our Mother Earth.

Join Nat Geo Explorer Mike Libecki as he takes us on a journey to some of the most remote climbing expeditions possible from from the Greenland Arctic to the Deepest Jungles on the planet to humanitarian work with his daughter. And, this lifestyle/journey all started in Yosemite National Park where he lived for several years. Have you ever wondered what it's like to go on assignment on the most challenging expeditions in the world and bring home stories for National Geographic? He and his team from National Geographic will attempt to climb and explore in the most difficult environments on the planet: Unexplored Greenland for paddle boarding with polar bears, barely surviving sea ice, and climbing one of the biggest towers in the world...Onto the deepest jungles to battle rain and immaculate mayhem to climb one of the most jungle towers on the planet. He will share their give back humanitarian expeditions from around the world making sure we are all asking what we can do to make the world a better place. Libecki will also share his tech being used in the field, from 8K footage, Virtual Reality 3D and more.  Come explore a unique perspective of our Mother Earth and experience the immaculate mayhem, magic, power and beauty of our planet and the parallel commonalities learned that relate to everyday life, business, relationships, and the deep mindfulness of the gift of this reality.

Kiona Sinks
Community Engagement Manager / Digital Marketing Strategy
Negro Leagues Baseball Museum 

Thursday, April 28,
Level Up Theatre

Kiona Sinks by trade is a social and civic innovator setting the standard for how young leaders should model in action community engagement.  She brings forward generations of all sectors of professions to change the perspective on what community activism should model in our modern day world. Kiona takes pride in giving back, is a community minded connector with 10 years of consistent volunteerism and community engagement. During her Undergraduate career, Kiona helped spearhead the founding of the inaugural African American Student Union (AASU) at Central Methodist University. The AASU’s mission is to promote positive images of African Americans and to stimulate the cultural, intellectual and social growth of all CMU students, faculty, and staff. 

In her short time in Kansas City, Kiona has advanced the agenda for many diverse and marginalized groups here in Kansas City, and has begun to make an impact by helping to educate the next generation of leaders on the importance of diversity and inclusion, civic engagement, and social justice. Currently, Kiona serves as Community Engagement Manager + Digital Marketing Strategy for the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City, Missouri.

Erin Gates
PORTS Distance Learning Program Coordinator
‎California State Parks

Friday, April 29
Level Up Theatre

Erin Gates has a strong background in the Interpretation profession, having graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Natural Resources Interpretation in 2005.  With a well established record of providing high quality traditional interpretive programming, and a unique specialty of blending interpretive principles and practices into digital interpretation, Erin is considered a leader in her field.  

It is Erin's hope that by better incorporating technology into interpretation, this profession will continue to maintain it's relevance and better serve all audiences, not just the ones that are lucky enough to be able to come to our sites in person.  She sees digital interpretation as a necessary tool in helping to accomplish JEDI goals both for our profession, and for our protected spaces.



Song Stott
Paul Caputo
National Association for Interpretation

Erin Gates
Peter Ostroskie
California State Parks