International Conference
on Interpretation

Keynote Address

Dr. Monique Brouiller Seefried

Making thinking visible:  through cultural and natural sites, an attempt to interpret the memory of the Great War and hear the voices of those who don’t have a voice anymore.
Cultural and national identities in the cauldron of WWI and the peace treaties will be examined as well as the scars left by the war on the people and the land.  Memories from multiple perspectives, British, Canadian, Australian, French, Senegalese, Austro-Hungarian, German and soldiers and officers of other nationalities as well as the role in France of  Chinese coolies, Japanese doctors and nurses, Indochinese truckdrivers, African American stevedores and grave diggers and many others brought to support the war effort, will inform this narrative as well the memorials erected in France to commemorate these suffering and sacrifices.

Larry Beck and Ted Cable

Interpreting Cultural and Natural Heritage: For a Better World 
The authors of the soon-to-be-released book Interpreting Cultural and Natural Heritage: For a Better World will inspire critical thinking and meaningful conversations about the challenging issues of our times by celebrating what interpretation can offer the world.
The session and the book it is based upon are especially relevant to the profession of interpretation. Many books have been written on various aspects of interpretation, but this is a singularly comprehensive book on the topic. The session will include opportunities for audience participation as to how their specific interpretive sites contribute to a better world.
After the presentation there will be ample opportunity for informal interactivity with the authors who will be available for questions and answers. Participants will be able to return home inspired with new ideas.

NAI International Conference

Reims, France
April 16-20, 2018

The conference starts with a reception Monday, April 16. Educational off-sites take place Wednesday, April 18. (Some may have an additional cost.)


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