Concurrent Sessions

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Session Schedule

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Sessions by Track


Nature Play and Learning Spaces
Adrienne Sedlak, Sarah Konradi

How to Implement Accessible Exhibits
Chris Evans, Stefania Van Dyke, Danielle Schulz

Accessibility for All: Promoting Inclusion
Ann-Marie Lisi

DEI in NAI-Continued Dialogue, Best Practices
Brian E. Forist, Parker McMullen Bushman, Kyrie Kellett, Elon Cook Lee, Marissa Llanes, Brady McKellar

Venturing Into the Inaccessible
Christopher Edwards, John Earnest

Tying It All Together With Native Communities
Francis E. Mendoza, Sonja Gomez

Activating a Community & Resident Involvement
Janina Janka Baki, Credell Walls

Politically Correct for Its Time
John Charles Francis Luzader

A Diverse Program for A Diverse City
Joy Elizabeth Thompson

More than a Feeling: Strategies for Equity
Kara Lynn Polansky, Alicia Christensen

Two languages, doble oportunidad
Karla Lorena Boles, Andy Fisher, Freddy Fernandez-Ramirez

Community Science: Reconnecting to Nature
Kelly Evans, Tarryn Bartkus, Laura Barcos, Jenny Kirk

Giving Youth a Say: Empowering Stewardship
Laura Tomcek

Telling ALL Americans’ Stories
Lauren Devore, Megan Springate

Sensory-Safe History: Tours for Special Needs
Mathew Brady McKellar, Melanie Harrington

People of All Abilities Are Welcome Here
Monica Van Der Vieren

Beyond the Dominant Narratives of History
Montana Napie

Building Genuine Relationships
Pamela Machuga

Creating and Delivering Accessible Programs
Phoebe Mendelson, Jeannie Gearin, Phoebe Mendelson

Got Millennials?
Rachel Roth, Lyndzee Rhine

Left Out: Furthering Conservation by Women
Rebecca Christoffel, Jean Eells

Same Dream, Same Team, Different Job Status
Rebecca Port, Michael Barthelmes, Jason Kenworthy, Brittni Connell, Ellen Petrick, Sarah Herve

Working Well with Others
Robyn Anderson

Solutions for Inclusive Interpretation
Rolonda Teal, Pat Stephens-Williams, Kelly Reetz

Building Career Training Internships
Sarah Rhodes-Ondi

We gave internships a DEI makeover-It worked!
Theresa G. Coble, Christina Cid, Elanor Stevens, Rachel Galan, Fran McReynolds, Lucy McClain

Creating Next Generation Advisory Councils
Thomas D. Mullin

Tourism for all: promoting inclusion
Valeria Klitsounova, PhD

Creating a Culture of Mentoring’
Yonit Yogev, Lavell Merritt, 


The Nature of Partnerships
Corky McReynolds

Interpretation and the Gig Economy
Donald Joseph Enright

Taking the Next Step: Getting the Chief Job
Hugh J. Hawthorne

Welcome 2 The Jungle
Jesse Ross

Organizational Change to Reach New Heights
Ky Harkey, Tara Humphreys

Our Parks: For the people, by the people
Sarah Virginia Haney, Jason Szostek

The Revitalizing Power of Interpretation
Scott L. Davison

Justify Your Existence
Susan Schafer, Lindsey Rehder

Leadership: It’s all about Meaning Making!
Tom Moffatt, Lynn Cartmell, Tonia Herndon, Theresa Coble, Keith Miller, Katy Mike Smaistrla


Interpreting the 2018 Kilauea Eruption
Benjamin Hayes

Please Touch! Using tools and tech on tour.
Betsy Kleinfelder

Nature Center Issues and Solutions Roundtable
Amy Roell, Brian Thill, Naomi Thompson and Jim Fitzpatrick

Top 20 Training Tricks from the Pros
Jon K. Hooper

Verbal Victories: Surviving Confrontations!
Jon K. Hooper

Take Your Astronomy Training to New Heights
Katie Raney, Cassie Cox, Danielle Bradley

Climbing the Summit, How to Get a Federal Job
Marie G. Malo

License, Registration, Interpretation?
Mary McCormac, Bevin Carithers, Jennifer Anderson

Service learning partnerships that work!
Thomas D. Mullin

Webinars as Interpretive Training
Walt Bailey


Park Science Hands-On STEM Education Kits
Andrew Warnock, Courtney Butler

High Tech, High Reward
Ashley Elizabeth Adams, Yigit Yigiter

Designing Media for Future Interpreters
Brenda K. Lackey, Emily Phifer

How to Craft a Realistic Exhibit Budget
Danielle Rice

Ranger in Your Pocket
David Krueger, Matt Poyner, Juan Sanabria, Kristyn Loving, Peter Densmore, Kira Pontius

Interpretive design for amphitheaters
James Buchholz, Megan Espe, Paul Anderson

Rivers and Lawns. Water We Talkin' About?
Chip Isenhart, Michelle Wolf

Hey you should write a book! What comes next?
Joseph Patrick Barry, David Dutton

Met Them Online: Interpretation From Afar
Kristy Burnett, Brittni Connell, Sarah Sparhawk, Michael Barthelmes, Melanie Peters

Go team! A collaborative approach for video
Matt Holly, Larry Perez, Karina Branson

FSNatureLIVE: Bringing Nature to You
Sandra Frost

“Don’t! Don’t! Don’t!” “?” “Enjoy your visit!”?
Sara Melena, Jason Kenworthy, Katie Nuessly, Sarah Sparkhawk, Rebecca Port, Vince Santucci

Utilizing Technology & Building Partnerships - Global Change
Erin Gates


Virtual Field Trips: Your Site Through Skype
Amanda N. Wilson, Erin Cahill

Reaching Rural Students through Partnerships
Angie Weikert, Sabre Moore

Beyond Roving – Interpretation Without a Site
Anna Turkett, Don Enright, Marisol Asselta Castro

Come to see Eagles, Stay for the Conversation
Becky Summerfield

Featuring Arts in Parks
Cat Taylor

Interpreting the Unexpected
Chris Radek

Skills vs. Content: What’s Our Role?
Crystal Kobza, Alex Lane

Enrich Guided Hikes with Classical Music
Dave Sutherland

Putting the WOW into Middle School Programs
Deborah H. Price

A New Strategy for NPS Wilderness Interp + Ed
Erin Drake, Sue McDonald, Lissie Kretsch

Small Talk. Active Talk. Deep Talk.
Jacquie Gilson

Please pass the Chicken!
Pam Welisevich

Homo Sapiens in Sacred Places
Jeremiah S. Hyslop

The Immersion Historic Experience
John Charles Francis Luzader

Invasive Species: Interpreting the Unwanted
Karen Gourlay, Elizabeth Brockwell-Tillman

Writing Themes that Soar
Karin Hostetter, Fran McReynolds

Adding YOU to STEM interpretive programs
Karlisa Callwood, Daniel Mannina, Vanessa Herrero

EKIP: Promoting Public Lands in Schools
Kathleen Sorom, Jim Flook, Thomas Valencia

Elevating Your Programs With Technology
Mary Andrusyk

Reconnecting with Nature: Un-lovables Matter
Melissa Hill, Katie Elam, Brandon Lewis, Nicole Meyer

Engaging the Youngest: Tilden’s 6th and You
Michele Van Hare

Planning & Implementing an Art of Nature Camp
Pam Roth O’Mara

Difficult History at the Negro Leagues Museum
Ramsey Harris, Paul Caputo

Yorke Edwards, a Canadian Pioneer Interpreter
Richard Kool

Storytellers Explorers of Interpretation
Robert M. Pecoraro, Jr., Shirley Pecoraro

An Artful Approach To Interpretation
Sally Otis

Connecting with the Cosmos: Day or Night!
Sara Mitchell, Sarah Eyermann

Afterschool Universe: Astronomy for All
Sarah Eyermann, Sara Mitchell

Climate Change Activities for Interpreters
Sian Hauver

Transforming Local Stories into Global Action
Sierra Tamkun, Angela Kettle, Clare Gucwa, Kimberly Fraser

Supporting the Next Gen Science Standards
Tara Laidlaw

Technology Tools to Connect People to Nature
Trisha Sejas, Ronnie Order, Alicia Christensen

My Favorite Mistake: Experience Learning
William Woodrow Gwaltney, John Luzader

Can We Talk? Effective Climate Conversations
Laura Drath


Tips for Rule #1: How to Study Our Audience
Antonieta Jimenez

What Visitors Say: iSWOOP at Indiana Dunes
Brian E. Forist, Martha Merson

Certified Interpretive Planner 2.0—An Update
Edward B. Reddrop, Emily Jacobs, Ned Reddrop, Carol Clark, Clark Hancock, Mike Lesperance

Fostering Dialogue through Signs & Exhibits
Jacquie Gilson

Meet the new editors of JIR
Marc J. Stern, Bob Powell

Better outcomes in environmental education
Marc J. Stern, Bob Powell

Assessing Japanese Interpreter Training
Naoko Yamada, Jeffrey Skibins

Is It Working? Interpretation Assessment Methods
Ray Raidgan

Audience Research and Art Installations
Sarah Sargent, Ashlan Falletta-Cowden

Who Engages in Pro-environmental Behavior?
Theresa G. Coble, Keith Miller


Know Your Audience: Visitor Motivations
Aaron Douglass

Low-Cost Ways to Increase Visitor Value
Abigail Wilson

Sustaining Interpretive Partnerships
Chuck Lennox, Tatiana Starova, Elena Pavlyuk

Visitor Experience Mapping
Chuck Lennox

Pikes Peak: The Pinnacle of Interpretation
Kaitlin M. Pravetz; Alan Reed, FAIA, LEED AP; Sandy Elliott, CPPB; Eileen Kemp, ASLA; Greg Matty, NCARB, LEED AP; Stuart Coppedge, FAIA, LEED AP

NASA + Lewis and Clark GO on a Trail!
Kristen Weaver, Ashley Danielson, Holli Kohl, Peder Nelson, Anita Davis, Eric Brown de Colstoun

Improv(e) your Interp: Getting to Yes, And
Margaret Hicks

Making Connections to Place Through Design
Paul Anderson

Strategic Communication Through Interpretation
Sandra J. Snell-Dobert

The Swap Shop: A Gateway to Nature Discovery
Sara Gwen Riger

Loved to Death: Solutions and Rejuvenation
Wesley P. Hermann, Gillian Rossi

Marketplace of Ideas

Putting the Citing in Exciting
Allen Neil Tracey

Plants are Relevant Too!
Danielle Ornelas

Connecting Your Resources to NASA Science
Heather Mortimer

Eliciting Visitors’ Interests with Activities
Martha Merson, Scott Pattison

Know Your Impact: A Social Science Case Study
Elisabeth L. Condon

Interpreting Climate Change: Part 2
Rhana Smout Paris




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