NAI Membership Benefits are Growing!

We're expanding our benefits to help you grow to be the best interpreter you can be.

Did you know that the NAI membership pricing structure has only changed minimally since 1995? Despite this fact we have continued to add member benefits over the years and have some very exciting additions coming this summer!

In 1995 you would have paid $65 for a Regular membership, equivalent to today's Professional membership. Your benefits included six issues of Legacy magazine, four issues of a regional newsletter, a print membership directory, and discounts to NAI's national and regional workshops and other career development opportunities.

The following year, in 1996, we introduced tiered membership pricing with Regular memberships ranging from $45-$75 and introduced special interest sections. The Professional Basic membership at $45 included membership in one region or one section, the quarterly NAI News from the national office, a print membership directory, access to Jobs in Interpretation (by request only), and discounts for national workshops and publications. The Standard level membership, at $65, added one region and one section, and added in your choice of Legacy magazine (which included the Interpreters Green Pages) or a subscription to the Journal of Interpretation Research to the basic benefits. The Plus membership at $75 came with all of the above, including a subscription to Legacy and the Journal of Interpretation Research

Now jump to 2021, our Professional level membership is $75 (that's right, it's the same price as a Regular Plus membership in 1996!!!!) with significantly more benefits available to our members. Benefits still include subscriptions to Legacy magazine (but now you can choose print or digital subscriptions) and the Journal of Interpretation Research (digital only); membership in regions and sections (but now you aren't limited to one of each, you can now join them all!); and weekly e-newsletters from the national office. On top of these already great benefits, we've also added InterpTalks (a weekly virtual meetup for members to discuss what is going on in the field) and a new Member Area on the website that includes the Member Directory, Career Center (with new job postings weekly), a Media Library, Publication Archive, and access to pro deals through Outdoor Prolink. Professional members also now get member discounts not just to the National Conference and Regional Workshops but also to InterpTeach, webinars, virtual trainings, professional certification courses, and in the Association Store! We also offer Professional Grants to help our working members get to the National Conference and certification courses.

Now we get to the hard part, we have some really cool new benefits in the pipeline (some coming as soon as next month!) but when we did the math, we just can't keep adding benefits without also raising our membership fees. We hate the idea of this but know that it is a part of growing and we are growing so that you can grow too! Starting July 1, you will notice an increase in your membership renewal fees as Professional membership increases to $90/year. See below for the new individual member rates.

Membership Pricing Structure - Starting July 1, 2022

$90 $65 $65 $65 $35

Institutional Membership Rates
Institutional Standard
Professional Staff
Volunteer/Seasonal Staff
$225 $75 $55

Commercial Membership Rates
Commercial Standard
Commercial Plus
$175 $550 $1050