What are the membership categories and dues?
Categories of NAI membership include commercial, institutional, and individual memberships.
For more information, visit our membership benefits sections:
Individual Membership
Institutional Membership
Commercial Membership

Can I renew my membership or join online?
NAI accepts applications online for all categories of membership. Applications submitted through the online shopping cart must be accompanied with payment by credit card and will become active the following business day. Membership applications continue to be accepted by mail with check. For more information, please contact NAI's Membership Department (jking@interpnet.com) or call 888-900-8283.

I just registered for a CIG/CIH course, when will my membership become active?
The certification fees for CIG and CIH courses come with a complimentary one-year membership. It generally takes about a week for these to become active in our system, but can sometimes take a bit longer. You will receive an email confirmation once membership is active.

What forms of payment do you accept for membership?
Membership payment can be made via check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). Please make checks payable to NAI.

May I get a receipt for my membership dues?
Receipts are automatically sent upon purchase of membership. Replacement receipts for online purchases are available on your My Account page. If the receipt cannot be found on your My Account page, or membership was paid by check, please email jking@interpnet.com for a replacement copy.

What is a "Green" membership?
Members who select the Green membership will receive all communications from NAI through electronic means (mostly email), including Legacy magazine. Student memberships are always Green.

When do I renew my NAI membership?
NAI memberships are good for one year from the date of purchase. You will receive renewal reminders starting 30-days prior to expiration, online renewal will be available at least three months prior to expiration.

How can I find my NAI Member ID?
Your NAI Member ID can be found on your My Account page.

I recently joined NAI. When will I begin to receive information and materials such as Legacy magazine and email communications?
Members who pay online will have access to members-only resources the following business day. For members who pay by check, it may take up to two weeks for memberships to be fully processed. Legacy magazine is bimonthly; all members should allow six to 10 weeks to receive the first issue. New members will begin receiving NAI Now e-newsletters immediately.

How do I access members only content?
Content will appear automatically for logged in users on the top navigation (where you see Sign In/Sign Out links). 

How does NAI communicate with its members?
NAI produces a bi-monthly magazine called Legacy; and a weekly electronic newsletter called NAI Now. NAI also has a presence on Facebook and Instagram.

Will NAI sell my information?
NAI does sell mailing lists to our commercial members, but you will have the option to opt-out during the join/renewal process or by visiting your My Account page. You can make changes to these preferences at any time by visiting the My Account page and selecting Update My Information. 

What networking opportunities exist for NAI members?
NAI members have numerous opportunities to network with peers, including the annual NAI Conference, trainings, regional workshops, the Certification Program, and Community (region and section) functions (online and in person).

Can I transfer my individual membership to another person?
NAI membership is non-transferrable.

Are commercial and institutional memberships transferable?
Complimentary memberships included with commercial and institutional accounts are transferable as they act as your company liaison to NAI.
Commercial Standard memberships come with two complimentary professional memberships. 
Commercial Plus memberships come with five complimentary professional memberships.
Institutional Standard memberships come with one complimentary professional membership.

Is my membership refundable?
NAI membership is non-refundable.

I've left my current position and will begin work at another organization. Can I keep my membership?
Yes. Your NAI membership follows you through your renewal date. Please be sure to visit your My Account page to update your contact information.

Can I share my individual membership?
Individual NAI membership may not be shared as benefits are based on an individual's Member ID and password.

How do I order a mailing list of NAI members?
NAI Commercial members are eligible to purchase one-time use mailing labels. The mailing labels will include the name, organization, and mailing address or email address for opted-in members only. They will be sent as an Excel spreadsheet. Phone numbers are not available. 

How do I contact the NAI Membership Department?
Contact NAI Membership Manager, Jamie King, by email: jking@interpnet.com
Contact NAI Commercial Member Liaison, Heather Manier, by email: hmanier@interpnet.com
Contact NAI by phone: 888-900-8283 (US toll free); 970-484-8283
Contact NAI by mail: NAI Membership, 230 Cherry Street, Suite 200, Fort Collins, CO 80521