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NAI is YOUR professional association – together we work to support those involved in the interpretation of natural and cultural heritage resources, and ensure that institutions and agencies do not overlook the importance of heritage interpretation when budget priorities are being set.

It is vital that as a profession we are in a position to provide the support necessary to assure good stewardship and interpretation of our historic and cultural heritage for the public. There are several ways for you to be a champion for heritage interpretation:

  • Contributions to the Annual Fund go to support the organization’s ability to provide quality programs, resources and services to interpreters in the field as well as interpretive sites. Annual fund contributions are vital for NAI to continue to offer free/low cost webinars like our Race, Social Justice, and Interpretation series and our going digital in the time of COVID-19 offerings.
  • Contributions to the Scholarship Fund will help provide training scholarships for students and front-line interpreters who otherwise would not be able to attend training programs and gain needed skills.
  • Contributions to the Legacy Fund help to ensure the long-term financial sustainability of the association and its ability to meet the needs of a growing profession.
  • Include NAI in your Planned Giving. Help ensure that NAI will continue to provide services to the field of interpretation for years to come.  Planned gifts may be designated for specific purposes and may provide tax advantages for donors and their heirs.
    Your gift will be tax deductible – NAI is a 501(c)3 nonprofit educational organization and we will provide you with confirmation for your tax records.  

Consider a more significant gift by setting up recurring payments – decide what fits your budget and we can set up a payment plan for any amount and over whatever period works for you. Contact NAI Executive Director Milward Simpson ( for more information and to set up your donation.

Memorial and Gift Donations

If you would like to make your donation in the memory of an individual, or make a gift donation please respond to your donation receipt with the name of the individual you would like to honor.

A Proud Record of Fiscal Responsibility      

NAI is committed to being a good steward of the funds entrusted to us by our members.  We know money doesn’t grow on trees and we spend your gifts wisely.

NAI has an annual audit by an outside firm and this and our Form 990 are available on our website.

Won’t you take a moment and give your support to the field of interpretation?

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