Certified Interpretive Guide Trainer™

Our Certified Interpretive Guide Trainers (CIGT) are a sanction within the professional level certification of CIT. These are individuals who have not only completed the requirements for the Certified Interpretive Trainer but also wish to teach and certify the Certified Interpretive Guide certification on behalf of NAI. 

What are the benefits of being a CIGT? 

  • Being recognized by your peers as a professional in the industry.  
  • Having the opportunity to shape and train the next generation of interpreters.
  • Being able to teach and certify the CIG curriculum on behalf of NAI. Depending on the environment in which you teach, this can either earn you monies from instructor fees or assist your agency/site/academic program in waiving those required fees for certification.
  • Becoming part of an international network of interpretive trainers.

What are the prerequisites for becoming a CIGT? 

  1. Applicant must meet the required prerequisites for professional certification. Please see the eligibility requirements on the Certified Interpretive Trainer Page.
  2. Applicant must attend a CIG Train the Trainer course. If applicant is already certified as a CIHT with NAI, they attend three days of the five-day course, if applicant is new to the program, they must attend the entire five days. For a list of current course offerings.
  3. Applicant must submit and pass required elements of the CIT certification.

How much does the CIG Train the Trainers course cost?

Please see Fees page for this information

Once I become a CIGT, how do I maintain this sanction?

  1. Applicant must keep their CIT certification current by attending and submitting forty hours of continuing education within the four-year period your certification is valid.
  2. CIGT instructor must teach two CIG courses within the time period their CIT is valid. This may be courses that include the full CIG certification or may be a workbook only, shortened course. See instructor handbook or contact the Certification and Training Program Manager for more information.

NAI Courses or Trainings to help prepare you prior to attempting this certification:

  For more in-depth information, please see our Certification Handbook & Study Guide’s section on the Certified Interpretive Trainer.

CIGT Master Trainers

 About the instructor(s): The instructors for the CIG Trainer course are individuals from the field and NAI staff who have significant experience in both training and interpretation. These folks, called “Master Trainers” come from a variety of interpretive backgrounds and depending on your course size, you may have one or two of these folks. 2019-2021 Master Trainer instructor team includes Chuck Lennox, Emily Jacobs, Jane Beattie, Andre Copeland, Karin Hostetter and Fran McReynolds.