Certified Interpretive Host™

Our Certified Interpretive Host (CIH) certificate is a designed for those who work at an interpretive site and have contact with the public but do not give programs. For example, front desk clerks, law enforcement, maintenance, etc. This course combines customer service with informal interpretation. Since this is a certificate, you must complete a 16-hour course.

What are the benefits of being a CIH?

  • Training that helps you cultivate and build a professional self-image.
  • Learning customer service skills will increase your confidence in working with the public.
  • The opportunity to network and build community with others in your field.

What are the outcomes of the CIH course?

You will be able to demonstrate a basic knowledge of:

  • The history of the interpretive profession.
  • The basic principles of interpretation.
  • The following skills and abilities:
    - use of informal interpretation in communications.
    - excellence in customer service.
    - writing measurable objectives.

What are the prerequisites for earning the CIH?

You must be at least 16 years old to take the course and attempt certification.  

How do I get certified as a CIH? 

  1. Sign up for a course on our Certification and Training Calendar.
  2. Attend the course.
  3. Complete with a passing score the course video exam with an 80%.

Your Interpretive Journey

The Certified Interpretive Host is just the first step in your career to building a foundation of knowledge to make you a true professional. Here are some additional trainings that you can take after you certify as a CIH to build your skills: