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Region IV Workshop

Welcome To Cleveland Ohio!

The city on the lake...We are thrilled to have you visiting this great city that was founded in 1796 when Moses Cleaveland, a surveyor, found this beautiful spot by the Cuyahoga river. It is said that the men in his employ named the city to honor him. There are many legends as to why the “a” in his named was dropped and the city became known as Cleveland, but with or without the “a”, the city is home to many people who love all that it has to offer.

With a reputation for having a river catch on fire, it is a major accomplishment that Cleveland has made great strides to clean up our lake and waterways. Today, 100,000’s of people use these areas to recreate and enjoy nature. Cleveland also has a dazzling history... It’s the city where disc jockey Alan Freed first spoke the words Rock and Roll into the American consciousness. Chef Hector Boiardi opened his first restaurant in nearby Little Italy and is buried in Parma, OH. (He is better known as Chef Boyardee.) Our twentieth President, James A. Garfield was born in Moreland Hills, east of Cleveland and was buried with other famous Ohioans, including John D. Rockefeller and Eliot Ness, in Lakeview Cemetery.

Interpretation is about dazzling the people who visit us with the things that we believe are important. Throughout the workshop and activities, you will enjoy examples of interpretation of our local history and culture and how we try to connect people to their local and natural heritage. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to dazzle you with the best Cleveland has to offer.

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4/20/2020 - 4/24/2020
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