2021 NAI Annual Fund

Helping NAI provide free and low-cost training opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Membership fees and program fees are the primary revenue sources that help NAI to provide quality programs, resources, benefits, and services to interpreters in the field as well as interpretive sites. During the COVID-19 pandemic we are committed to keeping these as low as possible to make membership and training as affordable as possible, and rely on the extra support from contributions to the Annual Fund to keep our budget healthy and enhance our ability to offer additional training as we work to advance the profession.

During this unprecedented time, NAI is working hard to bring valuable but affordable training to our members. For many of our webinars we have lowered our normal webinar fees or waived the training fees completely. For us to continue to offer these valuable trainings at little to no registration fee, we ask that you help if you can. A donation of $5 can help us continue to offer these valuable services to our members and the interpretive community as a whole. 

Help us to continue offering valuable opportunities to build the future of interpretation!

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