Legacy Fund: Join Our "Journey Home"!

A core strategic goal for NAI is to assure the long-term financial health and sustainability of the association. In 2004 we were able to buy and renovate a home for the association through the generous support of members, a huge step toward that goal. You can help us complete the "Journey Home" of paying off the mortgage by donating to this campaign. Paying off the mortgage will save us more than $37,000 a year, and will enhance our ability to focus resources on programs, training and services. This is becoming increasingly important as the association grows and expands its training programs and concentrates on the future of interpretation as a profession.

NAI Is Your Professional Home

NAI provides the professional “home” for interpreters where we connect with kindred spirits that share our values, our aspirations, and our experiences. While many of us change jobs and locations frequently in this profession, we all know we can come home to NAI and always find our friends and colleagues. Many of us have connected with mentors, role models, and teachers and found new inspiration throughout our careers through NAI.

In essence, NAI provides a home where the spirit and practice of interpretation is nurtured and protected and where we can all reconnect with that spirit at any time. Our goal with this campaign is to assure that this spiritual home and our mission live far into the future by guaranteeing a permanent physical home, while adding $18,800 a year to the scholarship fund for front line interpreters.

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