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Our mission is to inspire leadership and excellence to advance heritage interpretation as a profession, and fulfilling that mission includes providing training and professional development to those who tell the stories and make the connections for the public. It can be difficult for students, seasonals and others struggling with a budget to be able to commit the resources it takes to get professional development.

NAI’s Scholarship Fund is used to address several needs. Our Student Scholarships are awarded to students of interpretation on a competitive basis to attend the NAI National Conference. Professional Interpreter Grants provide assistance to working interpreters to help offset the costs of professional development through NAI (attendance at the national conference, certification fees, and costs association with other workshops and programs that the NAI national office conducts).

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NAI 2023 Scholarship Drive
Together we can shape the futrue. Your scholarship donation will help us bring students studying interpretation to the conference and help underfunded professionals get the professional development they are looking for.

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