Journal of Interpretation Research
Volume 23, Number 1

A Note from the Editor


This issue of JIR brings the reader on a journey exploring the impacts of taking kids into public lands, examining the relationship between elaboration and behavioral intentions, and understanding how interpretive graphics can alter visitor behavior. The techniques and methods used to conduct the research are different, the theoretical underpinnings are varied, and the impacts and implications are at disparate scales. However, each article in its own right moves the collective needle forward.   

As varied as this issue of the Journal is, so too is our own philosophy, position, and ability to advance the profession of interpretation. It is the collective responsibility of the tribe, all of us, to advance the field by approaching everything we do in a systematic fashion. Whether you are conducting rigorous research or reflecting on your evening campfire program, it is critical to ask questions—to think critically about your programs.  

Wanting to know what works, when, how, and for whom is a fundamental element of advancing the practice of interpretation. I look forward to future developments through your submissions to the Journal of Interpretation Research.