NAI 2023

Little Rock, Arkansas - November 7 - 11



Interpreter's Yard Sale

Join us for a unique and exciting event during the conference where you can donate to the NAI Scholarship Fund while finding hidden treasures and valuable resources for your own endeavors. The Interpreter's Yard Sale is a wonderful opportunity for conference attendees to contribute to the growth of our profession and support future interpreters by donating items and purchasing useful supplies.

How it works:

Got old props, books, or interpretive tools you don't use anymore? Have some cool swag from your gift shop? Bring your items to sell in the Interpreter's Yard Sale. There will be at least three different priced tables where you can drop your items for sale. Each day of the conference the table prices will drop until they hit the bargain basement pricing on Friday morning. See the full schedule below.

Tuesday Afternoon

Drop your items off near the registration desk. See something you want to purchase now? If you just can't wait until tomorrow to buy something, we'll happily sell each item at a $5 early surcharge (it all goes to scholarships!).

Wednesday Morning

On Wednesday morning when the sale opens, all items will be at their highest prices. This is the perfect time to grab your favorite items before they get snatched up at the original price.

Thursday Morning

Prices take their first drop! As the sale progresses to Thursday morning, prices on all items will drop by a designated amount. You'll find great deals and discounts, so keep an eye out for those items you have your heart set on at a lower price.

Friday Morning

On Friday morning Bargain Basement Pricing takes effect! All items will be priced at bargain basement rates, making it the ultimate opportunity to snag incredible items at significantly reduced prices. Sale ends at lunchtime and all remaining items will be donated locally or sold to the highest bidder (make an offer, we'll probably take it!).

Example, if an item was priced at $20 on Wednesday, it will be $10 on Thursday and just $5 on Friday!

The Yard Sale Schedule:

The sale will open on Wednesday morning and continue through lunch on Friday, giving you ample time to browse, explore, and find the perfect items that suit your needs. You can discover an array of one-of-a-kind treasures, all while knowing that your purchases will directly contribute to next year's scholarship fund.

Supporting Future Interpreters:

The money raised from the Yard Sale will be entirely allocated to the scholarship fund for next year's aspiring interpreters. By participating in the sale, you are directly investing in the future of interpretation, helping deserving individuals pursue their passion and education in our field.

Giving Back to the Little Rock Community:

As we believe in sharing the benefits with the wider community, any unsold items remaining on Friday afternoon will be generously donated within the Little Rock community. This way, we ensure that our efforts in reducing waste and supporting others extend beyond the conference walls.

Why you should participate:

The Interpreter's Yard Sale is not just an opportunity to declutter and find unique items; it's a chance to foster a sense of camaraderie and support within the interpretation community. Together, we can empower future interpreters and contribute to the sustainable growth of our profession.

So, gather your surplus work supplies, dig out those historical costumes, and locate those interpretive props you no longer need. Mark your calendars for the Interpreter's Yard Sale, and let's make a positive impact together!

We look forward to seeing you there and making this event a resounding success!

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