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While interpreters have shifted to digital communication through online webinars and meetings, interpreters' professional associations around the world have increased their activity, developing and providing online services to members, including training, conferences, one-off events, and more. This accelerated trend has given us an opportunity to share good practice more widely across the world, with interpreters from different countries and indeed different continents joining events of interest to them. This series will develop a pilot international webinar series, under the banner of the Global Alliance for Heritage Interpretation.

This yearlong series of webinars hosted by seven interpretation organizations around the world is free to all interpreters, regardless of membership or affiliation with any of the sponsor organizations! English-Spanish live translation will be available.


Visiting the Ruins of an Ancient Mexican City to Renew Our Sense of Hope, and Learn From the Past

InterPatMX (Mexico)
August 11, 2022
10:00 MDT/ 12:00 EDT/ 17:00 BST/ 18:00 CEST (+2 GMT)
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Presenter: Dr. Manuel Gándara
Full-time Tenured Professor-Researcher
Graduate Program on Museum Studies
National School of Conservation, Restauration and Museography at the National Institute of Anthropology and History
President of InterpatMx

* this webinar will be presented in Spanish, with English simultaneous translation.

Archaeologists interpret for the public stories that many times resemble tragedies: we dwell on how ancient civilizations were destroyed with violence by their enemies; or collapsed when they exhausted their resources. While these stories are plausible, and they convey important insights relevant to the present, the image audiences get from them is quite grim. Sometimes they hide a view that we are violent “by nature”, and these stories confirm that view. What happens when we concentrate on aspects like cooperation, empathy and solidarity? Is there evidence that can support a different view?

InterpatMX is your host as we visit Xochicalco, an ancient city in Central Mexico that was violently sacked and destroyed more than a thousand years ago- apparently by its own inhabitants. That part of its history would seem to validate the pessimists. But it downplays the most salient evidence, which attests a great achievement, the cooperation and partnership of rival cities. 

In a new program currently under development for Xochicalco, we believe we uncover a more optimistic view that we can share with visitors. This webinar is a sneak preview of what we are doing and the rationale behind it. 


Titles, descriptions, and times are forthcoming.

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