NAI Member Scholarship Opportunities

Please note that all scholarship opportunities listed below do require current NAI membership to apply.

National Conference Scholarships and Grants

Student Scholarships

The National Association for Interpretation scholarship program is for college students who are studying natural, historical, and cultural interpretation or a closely related field with career aspirations in the field of interpretation. The goal of the scholarship program is to recognize students who have the potential to make an outstanding contribution to the field of interpretation. Scholarships are awarded to both undergraduate and graduate students, and may include conference registration, travel, lodging, and per diem.

The College and University Academic Section has been the coordinator for this national project for nearly 15 years and is proud to be its supporter.

Student scholarship applications are generally due around April 15 each year.

Professional Grants

NAI has a program to provide grant assistance to professional interpreters to help offset the costs of professional development through NAI. Limited funds are available as part of NAI’s overall scholarship program, and can apply to attendance at the national conference. 

Professional Grant applications generally open at the same time as registration and open for one month.

NAI Community Scholarships

NAI communities often offer scholarships to the National Conference. We will post those opportunities here as they become available.

Certification and Training Scholarships

National Scholarships

NAI also offers scholarships to offset costs for individuals who wish to certify at any level, attend a training workshop (such as Process of Interpretive Planning) and/or webinars. Applicants must be a member of NAI and a submitted application is required. Exceptions to this policy may be granted and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

For more information, please contact our Certification and Training Program Manager at and/or download the form here.

NAI Community Scholarships

NAI’s membership is divided into communities based on location (regions) or special interest (sections). Several regions and sections offer scholarships for individuals in their area to help cover the cost of a workshop (typically a CIG course).