NAI Awards Programs

Interpretive Media Awards

Have you created an outstanding piece of nonpersonal interpretive media--a video, publication,  exhibit, or something else? Earn it the recognition it deserves through the NAI Interpretive Media Competition! Entrants will be evaluated by a panel of experts, who provide valuable feedback, and award recipients will be recognized during our brand-new "Awards Week" on the NAI website and social media outlets in August.

The Interpretive Media Awards promote excellence in the delivery of natural, cultural, and historical nonpersonal interpretive services. Through the exchange of ideas we increase the level of excellence in our profession.


Deadline: May 31, 2019
1. Download complete details (PDF).
2. Pay for your entry first (required).
3. Fill out the Google submission form. (Forms without order numbers to confirm payment will not be accepted.)


 If Your NAI Member Type Is*  1st Entry  Additional Entries
 Commercial Plus  Free  $25 each
 Commercial Standard  $25  $25 each
 Consultant  $75  $75 each
 Institutional  $75  $75 each 
 Professional**  $100  $100 each
 *NAI membership is required to submit an entry.
 **Professional members must have been an active participant in some portion of the project.

2018 Recipients


First Place
Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway Audio Guide
Maryland Office of Tourism
Dorchester County Tourism
Caroline County Office of Tourism
On Cell Productions 

Second Place
“Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way: County Clare” Audio Tour for Motorists 
Cultural Roadmapp 


First Place
Minnesota Bison Conservation Herd 
Minnesota State Parks and Trails
106 Group
Wambdi Wapaha Glenn Wasicunna
Gwen Nell Westerman, PhD

Second Place
Escalante Interagency Visitor Center Outdoor Exhibit
Bureau of Land Management
US Forest Service
National Park Service
Nomad Studio
Southern Custom Exhibits
Mapping Specialists


First Place
National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Unigrid Brochure 
National Park Service / Harpers Ferry Center 
National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Program 

Second Place
Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Driving Tour Guide and Map 
Maryland Office of Tourism 
Dorchester County Tourism 
Caroline County Tourism 
Delaware Tourism Office 
Delaware Department of Transportation 
Greater Wilmington Convention and Visitors Bureau 
Kent County & Greater Dover Convention and Visitors Bureau


First Place
Ute Indian Museum: Our History is Written on the Land 
History Colorado
EDX Exhibits

Second Place
Chateau-Thierry American Monument Vistor Center Exhibit
American Battle Monuments Commission 
Color-Ad, Inc. (Howard + Revis Design)

Third Place
“People of the Waters” 
Oshkosh Public Museum 
Oshkosh Public Museum
Split Rock Studios


First Place
Prairie River Home: Niobrara National Scenic River 
National Park Service/Harpers Ferry Center
Niobrara National Scenic River
Argentine Productions

Second Place
Carry On: The Life and Legacy of Maggie Lena Walker
National Park Service / Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site

2017 Recipients


1st Place
The 100 Year Trail: A Centennial Celebration of Cleveland Metroparks
Cleveland Metroparks
Provides a well-rounded trek through Cleveland Metroparks’ first 100 years of history-making adventures.


1st Place
Ozark Highlands Radio
Arkansas State Parks
Promotes and preserves the music and traditions of the Ozarks, through radio and emerging media, inviting you to explore your own personal connections to Ozark culture.

2nd Place
Craigdarroch Castle: An Augmented Reality Experience
NGX Interactive and Craigdarroch Castle
An augmented reality app that brings the rich stories and lively history of the castle to life.


1st Place
Logoly State Park Visitor Center
Taylor Studios, Inc. and Arkansas State Parks
A unique storytelling approach immerses visitors intimately into the story of the Logoly forest.

2nd Place
Kinzua Bridge State Park Visitor Center and Park Office
106 Group, Pennsylvania DCNR Bureau of State Parks, Blue Rhino Studio, Argentine Productions, and Kidzibits
Enticing multisensory and multimodal elements showcase the beauty of the park’s natural environment.

3rd Place
Natural Regions Gallery at Indiana State Museum
Taylor Studios, Inc. and Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites
Conveying the wonder and importance of Indiana’s lost or at-risk landscapes by placing the visitor in lush, immersive, and stunningly realistic dioramas.


1st Place
Rosebrough Tiger Passage
Cleveland Metroparks
Educating and influencing the consumer behavior of zoo visitors through a greater understanding of the reasons Amur tigers are endangered and preventative measures to combat additional loss.

2nd Place
Manchester Stormwater Park – A Pioneering Park
Kitsap County Public Works and The Watershed Company
Educating visitors about stormwater, the park area’s historical reliance on Puget Sound’s water quality, and simple ways to apply green stormwater practices at home.

3rd Place
Gumgali Track to Korora Lookout in the Orara East State Forest
The Interpretive Design Company
Interpreting the dreaming story of Gumgali, the black goanna, through sculpture, spray art, and an audio presentation.


1st Place
Unconditional Surrender: The Dover Hotel
Harpers Ferry Center, Fort Donelson National Battlefield, and Aperture Films, Ltd.
The story of the Dover Hotel, the site of the surrender of Fort Donelson, which changed the course of the Civil War and made Ulysses S. Grant a household name.

2nd Place
Meet the Missileers
Harpers Ferry Center, Minuteman Missile National Historic Site, and Boston Productions, Inc.
During the Cold War, US Air Force missileers were stationed in underground launch control centers and missile silos across the Midwest, waiting patiently for orders that—thankfully—never came.

3rd Place
Measure of a Man: The Life and Legacy of Booker Taliaferro Washington
RBH Multimedia, Inc. and Booker T. Washington National Monument
Part of the park’s current interpretive direction, to have a comprehensive interpretation of Washington’s life, replacing an outdated, “piecemeal” approach of interpretation.


1st Place
Silver Fir Media and the National Park Service
Visitors explore the rich history and ecology of the Big South Fork NRRA, proving you’re never too young or old to set off on an adventure.


1st Place
Junior Ranger Activity Book
Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks
A variety of activity styles allows kids to find what they enjoy, even if they have a hard time with reading and writing.

2nd Place
Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve Junior Ranger Booklet
Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve
A fun, flexible, well-tested tool to help adults facilitate opportunities for kids to connect with nature and history.

3rd Place
Junior Ranger Activity Guide
Garden of the Gods Park
Engaging youth in the enjoyment, education, and stewardship of Garden of the Gods Park.

2016 Recipients

1. Understanding Sacrifice: An ABMC Education Program about World War II in Northern Europe
American Battle Monuments Commission

2. Using Mobile Gaming to Engage Youth with Outdoor Place-based Learning
Discovery Agents

3 (tie). Texas Historical Commission Thematic Heritage and Tourism Mobile Tours: Texas Time Travel Mobile Tour
Q Media Productions, Inc.

3 (tie). GlassApp: The Corning Museum of Glass
The Corning Museum of Glass
1. Scaly Slimy Spectacular: The Amphibian and Reptile Experience
Zoo Atlanta

2. Oregon Caves National Monument: Cave Discovery Experience
George Herring, Chief of Interpretation, Oregon Caves National Monument and EDX Exhibits

3. Ohiopyle State Park Office / Laurel Highland Falls Area Visitor Center
Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and 106 Group
1. Where Ice & Ocean Meet: Kenai Fjords National Park
North Shore Productions

2. "Heart of the World" Colorado's National Parks
Great Divide Pictures
1. The Journey Back
American Battle Monuments Commission

2. YAP! Centennial Video
New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park - YAP!
1. McLeod Plantation: The Transition to Freedom
The Design Minds, Inc. & McLeod Plantation—Charleston County Parks and Recreation

2 (tie). Houston Zoo: Gorillas of the African Forest
Houston Zoo, The Portico Group, and Laura Firth Markley

2 (tie). Hamill Family Wild Encounters
Chicago Zoological Society (Brookfield Zoo) & The Portico Group
1. Let It Not Happen Again: Japanese American Incarceration in World War II (New park brochures for Manzanar and Minidoka national historic sites)
National Park Service
Carolyn Duckworth, Betsy Ehrilich, Angie Faulkner, Miles Barger, Carol Ash, and Alisa Lynch

2. A Living Canyon: Discovering Life at Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon National Park: Jonathan Creel, Johanna Lombard, Marker Marshall, Brad Sutton

3. Cape Lookout National Seashore Unigrid Brochure
National Park Service: Marsha Wassel, Angela Faulkner, Tom Patterson, and Patrick Kenney
1. When The Akimotos Went To War: An untold story of family, patriotism, and sacrifice during World War II
American Battle Monuments Commission


2015 Recipients

1. Buckhead Storylines: Reimagined Historic Sites
Signature Design LLC

2. Wilderness Ranger Cookbook: A Collection of Backcountry Recipes by Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service, National Park Service, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Rangers
Ralph Swain and USDA Forest Service

1. Normandy American Cemetery Mobile App
Dog Green Productions

2. Sitka National Historical Site Audio Description of Wayside Exhibits
Julie Hein-Frank, Chad Beale, Carol Petravage, and Becky Latanich

3. Beyond the Walls (Mobile App)
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts


1. Designing for the Future: The Olmsteds and the American Landscape
Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site

2. (TIE) The Power of Human Connections
North Dakota Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives and Split Rock Studios

2. (TIE) Shipwrecks Alive!
Great Lakes Aquarium


1. The Sand Creek Massacre and the Civil War
National Park Service - Sand Creek Massacre NHS and Post Modern Company

2. A Beautiful Mystery: Petroglyph National Monument
Great Divide Pictures and Petroglyph National Monument

3. Of One Heart / na-qc timine wisi
North Shore Productions 


1. Childhood Denied: Indian Residential Schools and Their Legacy
North Shore Productions

2. Our Sacred Grounds
Rory Banyard and North Shore Productions

3. The Lasting Legacy of Frederick Law Olmsted
Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site

1. Petrified Forest National Park Unigrid Brochure
Betsy Ehrlich, Tom Patterson, Marsha Wassel, and Richard Ullmann

2. "Captured! A Prisoner of War Story" Andersonville National Historic Site Junior Ranger Activity Book
Andersonville National Historic Site

3. Unigrid Brochure, Interactive PDFs, and E-book for American Memorial Park
Saipan, Diane Liggett, NPS/HFC (COR), XNR Productions (primary contractor), AMME staff


1. Badlands National Park Wayside Exhibits: Fossil Exhibit Trail and Pig Dig
Badlands National Park and 106 Group

2. Journey to Churchill: Wapusk Lowlands & Churchill Coast
Assiniboine Park Conservancy; The Portico Group; and Terry O'Connor Consulting LLC

3. Sitka National Historic Site Wayside Exhibits
Chad Beale, Carol Petravage, Becky Latanich, and Julie Hein Frank

2014 Recipients


1.     New Birth of Freedom: A Walk Through the Civil War Home Front in Woodstock, Vermont
Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park
Harpers Ferry Center
Wood Ronsaville Harlin, Inc.

2. (tie) “Swamper: Letters from a Louisiana Swamp Rabbit,” A Book to Connect Kids to the Swamp
Friends of Black Bayou

2. (tie) Pearls from the Lagoon: Short Stories & Recipes
US Forest Service, International Institute of Tropical Forestry


1.     Tidal Changes Spin Browser
Taylor Studios, Inc.

2.     This is Now, and That Was Then
Kenai Mountains Turnagain Arm National Heritage Area

3. Waimea Valley Audio Tour
Antenna International


1.     The Waterfront: Sailors Called it Frisco
San Francisco Maritime NHP

2.     Explore and Discover Jewel Cave National Monument
Jewel Cave National Monument / National Park Service

3.     Interpretive Exhibits for Mesa Verde Visitor and Research Center
EDX Exhibits, Mesa Verde National Park


1.     Andersonville National Historic Site Unigrid Brochure
Harpers Ferry Publications – Melinda Schmitt, Miles Barger, Marsha Wassel

2.     Phantoms of the Past: A Historic Walking Tour
Grand Canyon National Park

3.     Set in Stone: Learning from Layers of Geology on the Comanche National Grasslands
Bruce Schumacher, Michelle Stevens, Cimarron and Comanche National Grassland; and Lois Ziemann, Forest Service


1.     The Obed: Find Yourself Here
Obed Wild & Scenic River

2.     Volunteer for Your National Parks
Golden Gate National Parks—Design Volunteers in Parks/Ex’pression College

3.     The Hidden Stories of Lesser Known Parks
Jefferson National Parks Association


1.     The Tuskegee Airmen: Sacrifice and Triumph
Harpers Ferry Center, Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site, and Aperture Films Ltd.

2.     Beyond The Visible: The Story of the Very Large Array
National Radio Astronomy Observatory – Education & Public Outreach Media

3.     Kennesaw: One Last Mountain
Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, Great Divide Pictures, and Harpers Ferry Center


1.     Blue Ridge Parkway Wayside Exhibits and Parkwide Exhibit Plan
Blue Ridge Parkway, 106 Group, Audio Description Solutions

2.     Conrad Prebys Australian Outback
San Diego Zoo Global

3.     Logan Pass Wildlife Super Powers Exhibits
Glacier National Park Division of Interpretation

2013 Award Recipients

Digital Media

First Place
The Lion’s Storyteller: The Kingsley Plantation Audio Tour
Somerset Group
Q Media Productions
National Park Service

Second Place
Interpretive Volunteer Online Training
San Diego Zoo Global

Interior Exhibit

First Place
Coming Home to the Wild, Montana WILD Education Center
Split Rock Studios and Rici Peterson
MT Department of Fish
Wildlife & Parks

Second Place
Discover the Connection
Split Rock Studios
Sandy Creek Nature Center Education & Visitor Center

Third Place
A Place Called Poarch
Split Rock Studios
Kerretv Cuko (Building of Learning)
Poarch Band of Creek Indians Museum

Site Publication

First Place
Trail of Tears National Historic Trail Official Map and Guide
National Trails Intermountain Region
Harpers Ferry Center Writer

Second Place
Planet Protector Comic Books
Roseville Utility Exploration Center
Harvest Moon Studio

Third Place
The Historic Point Reyes Lighthouse
Point Reyes National Seashore

Interpretive Curriculum

First Place
Women Caring for the Land: Improving Conservation Outreach to Female Non-operator Farmland Owners
Women, Food and Agriculture Network


First Place
The War at Home
Rosie the Riveter WWII Home Front National Historical Park
Harpers Ferry Center
National Park Service

Second Place
Life in the Desert
Lake Mead National Recreation Area
Harpers Ferry Center

Third Place
Campaign for Chattanooga: Death Knell of the Confederacy
Great Divide Pictures
Chickamauga and Chattanooga NMP
Harpers Ferry Center


First Place
Holly Discovery Trail
Lake James State Park
North Carolina State Parks

Second Place
Rohwer Japanese America Relocation Center Exhibit
Arkansas State University
National Trust for Historic Preservation
106 Group

Third Place
Corn Creek Interpretive Trail Waysides
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service with The Nuwuvi Working Group
Split Rock Studios

  2012 Award Recipients

Audio Program

1. Kam Wah Chung State Heritage Site
Oregon Parks and Recreation Department
Odyssey Productions

2. Colorado Chautauqua Historic Audio Tour
ECOS Communications
Colorado Chautauqua Association

Book (Long)

1. Mount Rushmore Memories
Mount Rushmore Bookstores

Book (Short)

1. Abraham Lincoln’s Inaugural Journey Two-Volume Handbook
Lincoln Home National Historic Site
Lincoln Institute for Education
Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site
Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site
Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site
Graphic Works, Inc.

2. Hispanics and the Civil War: From Battlefield to Homefront
National Park Service


1. Our Mississippi: Educational Activities about the Upper Mississippi River, Grades 5–6
Formations Inc.
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Louis District

2. Connections to Africa
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Interior Exhibit

1. “Across a Wire: Voices from Heart Mountain,” Heart Mountain Interpretive Learning Center
Split Rock Studios
Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation

2. Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park
Taylor Studios, Inc.
Arkansas State Parks

3. Encountering Fort Totten
Taylor Studios, Inc.
State Historical Society of North Dakota


1. Civil War to Civil Rights
National Park Service Civil War to Civil Rights Trading Cards

2. Great Lakes Invasive Species Posters
Harpers Ferry Center, National Park Service
Great Lakes Exotic Plant Management Team

Site Publication

1. National Park Brochure
Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail
Harpers Ferry Center

2. The Northern Elephant Seal: A Life of Singular Extremes
Point Reyes National Seashore, Division of Interpretation & Resource Education

3. Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Historic Trail Brochure
McKnight Design, LLC

Video (Long)

1. Grand Canyon: A Journey of Wonder
Grand Canyon National Park
Aperture Films

2. Shiloh: Fiery Trial
Great Divide Pictures
Shiloh National Military Park

3. Mount St. Helens: Eruption of Life
Mount St. Helens Eruption of Life
USDA-CMBC & First Light Films

Video (Short)

1. Preserving The Grange
Harpers Ferry Center, National Park Service
Hamilton Grange National Memorial
Aperture Films, Ltd.

2. Mount St. Helens: A Living Laboratory
First Light Films

3. Healthy Parks Healthy People
Golden Gate National Recreation Area
Design Volunteers In Parks, Ex’pression College
Healthy Parks Healthy People

Wayside Exhibit

1. Castle Williams, Governors Island National Monument, National Park Service
Formations Inc.
RBH Multimedia
Q Media

2. African Elephant Crossing
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Gecko Group

3. A Journey Through the Ocala and Apalachicola National Forests
Rosene Creative Services, LLC

Interactive Multimedia

1. Mount St. Helens: Return to Life Touchscreen Exhibit
Second Story, USFS, MSHI

2. Denali eDiscovery Hike
Denali National Park and Preserve
National Park Service

3. Trade Canoe for Don Quixote Multimedia Interactive
Denver Art Museum
Experience Design

Previous Recipients

2011 Media Awards
2010 Media Awards