Most months NAI conducts two webinars—one focused on improving the skills of a field interpreter and the other for individuals that may have positions involving interpretive management, media, planning, etc. Webinars are a low-cost way to learn, obtain continuing education hours for your certification, and/or train your staff for less than two hours on a topic that interests them/your site.

Group Discounts

For our Institutional and Commercial members wishing to purchase attendance for multiple staff members: the first registrant will pay normal pricing and each registrant after will pay $20 for one-hour webinars or $30 for two-hour webinars. To setup the discount, please register your first individual, then email webinars@interpnet.com for a promo code for your additional registrants.


Registration closes 4 hours prior to the start of each webinar. Login information is generally sent the day before the webinar occurs. If you do have trouble prior to the webinar, call Emily at 970-420-1032 and she will try to assist you.

Logging In

Need help logging in to the NAI website to register? Please email login@interpnet.com to have your login credentials reset.

Continuing Education Hours

If you are wishing to gain continuing education for certification from the webinar, you will need to log into the webinar on your own computer. This allows us to verify your attendance and show the hours on your account. 

Webinar Cancellation Policy

NAI will accept registration cancellations or changes, in writing, up to 5 business days prior to a webinar. Participants can choose to change their registration to a different webinar of equal or lesser value (no fee), or receive a refund ($5 processing fee). Registrants who are unable to participate after the cancellation deadline will be sent a link to the recording of the webinar, when available. Changes and cancellations should be emailed to webinars@interpnet.com.

System Test

We conduct most of our webinars using Zoom. Be sure to check your confirmation email for system test information. 

Inspiring Interpreters to Change

Dr. Jacquie Gilson
June 14, 2022 
10a Pacific/1p Eastern (2 hours)
$40 members/$55 non-members
Register here.

What do you do if you’re excited to offer audience-centered, participatory, and dialogic interpretation at your site, but your staff and volunteers are lukewarm about changing? Jacquie will share how she got buy in from her staff to try new techniques. We’ll look at how change models can help and share ideas.

Jacquie has been working in the interpretation field in Canada for over 40 years and loving it! She completed her Doctor of Social Sciences degree in 2015 after studying the concept of inspiration in interpretation. After years working for not for profit, municipal, provincial and national parks agencies, she now runs InterpActive. Her book Inspired to Inspire is also available through the NAI bookstore.

Interples to Interples: The Interpretation Training Game

Thomas Long 
July 7, 2022
1p Pacific/4p Eastern (1 hour)
Free members/$15 non-members
Register here.

“Sufficiently advanced learning is indistinguishable from play.” In this spin on the popular card game “Apples to Apples”, Tom will take you through how to make and use playing cards to train your interpreters. We’ll go through the game, then play a few rounds using Google docs so you can see for yourself.

Tom Long is a Certified Interpretive Trainer who specializes in living history and likes to think creatively. Twenty-two years in the field have taught him that fun training games help make fun interpreters. Don’t even get him started on the subject of comics!

Interpreting Climate Change—or Anything—Requires that Interpreters Understand People's Worldviews

Jon Kohl
August 16, 2022 
10a Pacific/1p Eastern (1.5 hours)
$40 members/$55 non-members
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People see only parts of climate change. Whether little or a lot depends partly on their worldview, which shapes values and reality itself. Interpreters then must understand worldviews to really know their audiences. This webinar explores strategies and themes that will greatly improve participants´ worldview understanding and their climate change interpretation.

Jon is an interpretive planner, trainer, professor, tour-operator, and writer with many publications about interpretation including two books. He is also associate editor of the Journal of Interpretation Research. Interested in holistic interpretation approaches including worldviews, Jon published an article in Yale Climate Connections which gave rise to this webinar.

Discovering and Identifying Place from an Indigenous Lens

Owen Oliver
September 20, 2022
10a Pacific/1p Eastern (1 hour)
$35 members/$50 non-members
Register here.

During this session we will work forward to open up a conversation on place. Place is a crucial element to identify and discuss while providing tours and interpretation. In this webinar, you will understand how Indigenous people view place and how knowledge systems and teachings come from place. If you are interested in learning more about Indigenous people and how to become a better ally, this is a great webinar for you.
Owen L. Oliver is a member of the Quinault Indian Nation. He recently graduated from the University of Washington in American Indian Studies and Political Science. There, he published the Indigenous Walking Tour that tours people through an Indigenous place-based lens. He now works as the Director of Arts & Culture at Headwater People Consulting. 


Previous Webinar Recordings

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