Journal of Interpretation Research
Volume 21, Number 2

A Note from the Editor

This issue of JIR includes two research articles, one “In Short” submission and one “In My Opinion” piece. Topics include examining the importance of memories in making meaning during new experiences in nature, reviewing interpretation accommodations in the National Park Service, and hot interpretation and its impact on visitor experiences.

As you read through the Journal, traveling from historic sites to the International Crane Foundation, remember that our discipline is as varied and diverse as our locations, mediums, and messages, but what unites us as a field is our desire to make a measurable difference.

All of the articles in this issue provide information, guidance and insight into how to capture that “measurable” difference and how to begin to communicate that to each other, managers and practitioners of the science of interpretation. Remember to ask tough questions, imagine the impossible, and think beyond that which is now. In this economic climate, we have to be able to demonstrate our impact to the visitors, the resources, and the managers that we serve. If we cannot, we make those tough economic decisions too easy.

I look forward to the future developments of our field through your quality submissions to JIR.  —C