Journal of Interpretation Research
Volume 22, Number 2

A Note from the Editor

Carolyn Ward

This issue of JIR includes three research articles, two “In Short” reviews and reports, and one “In My Opinion” article. Two of the articles review and discuss the impacts of training and certifications, three tackle issues surrounding non-personal interpretation techniques and topics, and one offers an opinion regarding the disconnect between academics, interpreters, and historical interpretation.   

As you read through the Journal, traveling from immersion exhibits to the halls of academia, remember that our discipline is as varied and diverse as our locations, mediums and messages, but what unites us as a field is our desire to make a measurable difference. The articles in this issue provide information, guidance and insight into how to capture that ‘measurable’ difference and how to begin to communicate that to each other, managers and practitioners of the science of interpretation.

Through research, we can ensure that we are doing the best job we can to serve the mission.

In this divisive climate, bringing people together through interpretation to discover and experience the natural and cultural resources of our parks and public lands can have a tremendous impact for our places, our purposes and our people. Remember to ask tough questions, imagine the impossible, and think beyond that which is now.

I look forward to the future developments of our field through your quality submissions to JIR.